We deliver what you want most – Peace of mind

Because at Kansas Feeds, we consistently provide our customers with the highest quality livestock liquid feed at the best value—whenever they need it. And we’ve been doing it for more than 40 years.

Just ask any of our customers. They’ll tell you that we don’t make promises we can’t keep. We’re quick to help them solve problems. And we’re as committed to their success as they are. It’s no wonder we have extremely high customer satisfaction and low turnover.

We treat our team members as well as we treat our customers. We give them the tools and resources they need to get the job done the right way. We treat them with respect and trust them to keep our customers happy. It may sound corny, but we’re more like family than co-workers. In fact, 95% of our employees never leave. And we’re proud of that.

How do we do it? We have complete control of logistics; from our supply chain to our customers.

Why we can do it better than anyone else

  • We have two plants in Dodge City, Kansas and one in Dalhart, Texas
  • We are skilled in blending fluid feed ingredients into a high quality product that is extremely consistent
  • We have significant storage capacity that gives us the ability to take large surges of products for guaranteed positions for feed yard. No one else has the storage capacity that we do.
  • Unlike most liquid feed operations, we have our very own railcar fleet. This means we have the ability to transport ingredients and livestock liquid feed as needed. Each railcar can transport more than 100 tons.
  • We also are one of the few liquid feed operations with their very own trucking company.
  • Because we have our own transportation companies, we never have a problem getting the product you need in a timely manner.
  • When suppliers have liquid feed ingredients they want to move, they call us first because they know we can transport it quickly.
  • This enables us to offer inherently more value to our customers.

The Kansas Feeds Family of Companies




You get a high quality product every single time

At Kansas Feeds, we only use the highest quality ingredients for our livestock liquid feed.

Our customers appreciate that we can provide them with the high quality feed they want, when they want it. That’s peace of mind.

We’re also proficient at blending a variety of liquid feed ingredients to create the ideal livestock feed for our customers. We use byproducts from other industries for our feed, which is an integral part of our sustainability goals. These ingredients include:

• Corn Steep Liquor (Wet Corn Milling Industry)
• CCDS (Dry Milling/Ethanol Production)
• Molasses
• Whey (Cheese Production)
• Corn Syrup (Sweetener Industry)
• Feed Fat Products

We don’t have suppliers – We have trusted partners

We think we work with the best suppliers in the industry.

They provide us with the high quality byproducts we want and share our commitment to sustainability. We only work with suppliers who believe in doing business with integrity, honesty and fairness. It’s no surprise we often make deals with just handshakes. These long-term relationships benefit you. We’re able to deliver more value for your hard-earned dollars.

We’re extremely proud of our team at Kansas Feeds

They work hard. They solve problems for our customers.

They treat every customer with the respect they deserve.

In fact, we don’t think of our customers as customers. They are our valued partners, and most become good friends.

We’re really more like family than co-workers. Most employees have been with us for 15 years or longer. 95% of our employees never leave. And we’re proud of that.

For more than 40 years our focus has been on providing excellent customer service, high quality livestock liquid feed and reliable transportation and delivery. That’s the kind of team you want on your side.

We’re proud to be
FSMA Compliant

Congress has enacted the Food Safety Modernization Act, transforming the nation’s food safety system by shifting the focus from responding to foodborne illness to preventing it. There are seven major rules designed to ensure the safety of the global food supply chain for both human and animal food.

At Kansas Feeds, we’re proud to be FSMA Compliant. Our team works diligently to provide high quality livestock liquid feed that’s safe from contamination. That’s why all inbound raw ingredients have to be properly sealed. It’s why we retain samples of all inbound and end products and utilize food safety stamping. We’re fanatical about providing the best, most consistent liquid feed. It’s part of our commitment to each and every customer, supplier and end user.

Sustainability protects
our future

What does sustainability mean? At Kansas Feeds and all of our subsidiaries, it’s behind every decision we make. We believe it’s our business to avoid the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. It’s why we use waste by-products from other industries to create healthy liquid feed options for livestock. It’s why we choose suppliers that also embrace sustainability in their business practices. It’s why we’re constantly looking for new ways to lessen our impact on the environment and protect our future. It’s just the right way to do business.

We don’t just work here – -We’re committed to our community

Kansas Feeds calls two communities “home”: Dodge City, Kansas and Dalhart, Texas (The Cow Feed Co.). They are perfect for our operations—and to raise our families.

Because both communities have rail access, it’s easy for us to receive ingredients and transport feed.

Dodge City, Kansas

Kansas Feeds has two storage tank facilities in Dodge City. Each has a significant amount of storage tanks for our high quality ingredients as well as our livestock liquid feed.

Dalhart, Texas

In Dalhart, Texas, our plant is known as The Cow Feed Co. It, too, significant storage capability. Our team of independent drivers travel more than 500,000 miles every year providing timely, dependable delivery of our high quality livestock liquid feed.

We also believe in giving back

Our kids play Little League here. We belong to local churches and support local nonprofit organizations. We look for ways to contribute.

For example, our plant is located in downtown Dalhart. We’ve been buying up distressed property to clean up the area, including an old run-down grain elevator. It had been an eyesore for years. We had it demolished, cleaned the entire property and took the lot back to grade. It’s just one way we try to be good neighbors.

We are also proud to sponsor a wide variety of activities in our communities, including the Dodge City Rodeo, XIT Rodeo, youth athletics, 4H and FFA programs, county fairs and more.