The high quality liquid feed you want, when you want it

At The Cow Feed Company, we know how important it is to have a source of high quality livestock liquid feed that you can depend on.

You want it delivered when you need it. And the last thing you want to hear is excuses.

That’s the way we’ve been doing business for more than 40 years. We’ve been providing reliable, high quality feed that’s delivered on time and at a great value—so it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

We have complete control of logistics from our supply chain to our customers

  • We are skilled in blending fluid feed ingredients into a high quality product that is extremely consistent.
  • We have a significant number of storage tanks for high quality ingredients and livestock liquid feed. No one else has the storage capacity that we do.
  • Unlike most liquid feed operations, we have our very own railcar fleet. We can provide reliable transportation and delivery.
  • Our independent transport drivers deliver travel more than 500,000 miles annually.
  • Because we have our own transportation companies, we never have a problem getting the product you need in a timely manner.
  • When suppliers have high quality ingredients they want to move, they call us first. They know we can transport it quickly.
  • We’re able to offer more value to our customers.

We set our standards high for one reason – You

At The Cow Feed Co., we only use the best ingredients for our livestock liquid feed.

Plus, we’re proficient at blending a variety of liquid feed ingredients to create what our customers want. We have high sustainability standards and use quality byproducts from other industries for our feed. These ingredients include:

Corn Steep Liquor (Wet Corn Milling Industry)

CCDS (Dry Milling/Ethanol Production)


Whey (Cheese Production)

Corn Syrup (Sweetener Industry)

Feed Fat Products

Our customers know they can depend on us for the high quality feed they want, when they want it. That’s peace of mind.

Our suppliers are trusted partners

We work with the best suppliers in the industry.

They deliver consistently high quality byproducts and are committed to sustainability. Like us, they believe in integrity, honesty and fairness. We often make deals with handshakes. We build long-lasting relationships that benefit our customers.